When a new staff member arrives, there is a flurry or training required and information given.  Often this is left to existing staff to train – On the Job.  At Helix we have made the process simple and quick but thorough enough to ensure a new employee can use Chlor-Clean safely and effectively.

The attached resources will enable you to train your staff.  The video runs for less than 5minutes and will give you all the information you require.  The evaluation is a simple questionnaire that ensures that the user has understood the main concepts.  There is an answer key for your reference as well.

There are two documents for you to print.  The certificate allows you to document that someone has viewed and understood the training.  This can be placed in their training file.  The “How to Use” is a simple A4 poster summarising the key points.  These can be printed out and placed in storerooms or on cleaning trolleys.

In addition, we can offer in person training at your facility.  We can send you pre-printed how to use forms and also we have the one and 5 litre diluter bottles to make it easy for anyone to prepare and use Chlor-Clean.

Please contact us at anytime and let us know what we can help with.

C-C Evaluation PDF 180.62KB
C-C Evaluation Answer Key PDF 233.33KB
C-C Evaluation certificate PDF 136.66KB
How to Use PDF 2.98MB

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