Disinfectant Wipes

For many years since the successful introduction of Chlor-Clean Detergent Sanitiser Tablets, our customers have been asking for a wipe with all the advantages of the Chlor-Clean solution (using NaDCC)  in a convenient wipe form. Unfortunately, due to the instability of liquid chlorine it has not been possible to produce a ‘wet’ Chlor-Clean wipe; however by incorporating new technology into an established formula we have developed a dry Chlor-Clean (Biohazard) wipe that has additional benefits for the modern health care establishment.

Dual Use

Guest Medical Biohazard wipes can be used both for blood & blood-stained body fluid spills as well as general environmental disinfection. Placing the wipe directly onto a spill (up to 30ml) will both absorb the moisture and disinfect with 10,000 ppm strength available chlorine. This makes the Guest Medical Biohazard wipes ideal for dealing with blood and blood-stained body fluid spills and will be of particular help to busy ward staff for dealing with small spills and minor accidents.

For general environmental disinfection, especially commodes and other items of patient associated equipment, the wipe can be wetted, the excess moisture squeezed out and then used as a normal Chlor-Clean solution to clean and disinfect surfaces.

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