About Us

Helix Solutions was formed in 2010 and has rapidly grown to be one of Australia’s major suppliers of front line products for combating infectious disease outbreaks.  Guest Medical, established in the United Kingdom in 1972, has a long standing history in manufacturing and supplying high quality infection prevention products to healthcare organisations worldwide.

Recognised as innovators of specialised environmental disinfection products, and best known for the design and development of the Detergent Sanitiser Tablets now used extensively in healthcare settings for Terminal, Isolation, and Outbreak Cleaning and Disinfection.

Helix Solutions operates with a simple guiding principle: Bring the best products available to the Australian market and support their implementation with only the best in service, training, supply and support.  We have an enviable position of incredible customer loyalty which we know means we are doing it right.

Combining Helix Solutions' service and knowledge and Guest Medical's innovation and technology allows you to access the best protection for your facility.

Join the list of hospitals around Australia switching to Chlor-Clean.